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ETF Fees vs Super Fees

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) ETF’s come in all flavours these days from a mathematical index whose formula never has to be altered (i.e. Top 200 ASX stocks) through to a high conviction crystal ball gazing… Read More »ETF Fees vs Super Fees

Super Spruiking

A selection of superannuation propaganda campaigns. Join the cult. Thinking about Super can be a ponderous depression. A Scary example of Inflation Coming of Age – Super Edition Namaste –… Read More »Super Spruiking

Super Fees

Fees Are Going Down

On the 29th January 2021 APRA released it’s annual Superannuation bulletin and provided data indicating that fees are decreasing. The above graph demonstrates that super funds are moving into a more competitive operating market. The… Read More »Fees Are Going Down

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