Compare Super Funds

Compare Super Funds 10 Super Commandments There are dozens of super fund providers and thousands of investment choices on offer which can make selecting the right fund for you a long process.  Only history will… Read More »Compare Super Funds

Super Fees

Fees Are Going Down

On the 29th January 2021 APRA released it’s annual Superannuation bulletin and provided data indicating that fees are decreasing. The above graph demonstrates that super funds are moving into a more competitive operating market. The… Read More »Fees Are Going Down

one fee super fund

One Fee Super Fund

One Fee Super Fund   Is there a one fee super fund? No.  The reason there is no ‘one simple fee’ for a superannuation product is because it’s not legislated and or no will by… Read More »One Fee Super Fund

investing fragility

Accessing Superannuation Early

AccessingSuperannuationEarly Rising Fragility Accessing Superannuation early is now possible for many Australians because of the COVID19 pandemic.  Normally accessing super early is restricted to those in financial distress, but now there are thousands of people… Read More »Accessing Superannuation Early

Low Fees

The Power of 1%

Whether you’re a freedom loving biker or billionaire miner, the 1 percenter’s scale up their presence on this planet and make an impact, positive or otherwise.  The same can be said for saving 1% on… Read More »The Power of 1%