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MySuper Comparison

2020 MySuper quick reference guide to fees on a $50,000 balance

ASIC requires all superannuation funds to provide an example of the fees and costs for a $50,000 account balance for their MySuper fund to be placed in their Product Disclosure Statement.  This is just a sample of available funds, please check the super provider’s PDS for up to date information.

Below data is from 2020.

My SuperFund ProviderAnnual Fees on $50,000
AMG MySuper$529.00
Balanced option$533.00
MySuper Balanced$631.20
MIESF MySuper$397.35
QSuper Lifetime$465.00
Goldman Sachs & JBWere MySuper Product$745.00
BOC MySuper (High Growth)$644.00
Balanced Option_MySuper Compliant$526.00
Woolworths Group MySuper$563.50
Colonial First State FirstChoice Super$525.00
AMIST MySuper$423.70
AMP MySuper$566.00
AustralianSuper MySuper Balanced$437.00
AvSuper Growth (MySuper)$631.47
Bendigo MySuper$333.00
Asgard Employee MySuper$772.45
BT Super for LifeStage$648.00
BUSSQ MySuper$632.00
Growth (Cbus MySuper)$524.00
My Ethical Super$700.00
Club MySuper$574.00
Commonwealth Essential Super$465.56
ADF MySuper$689.00
Balanced (MySuper)$420.00
Equipsuper MySuper$482.00
First State Super MySuper Lifecycle$527.00
First Super MySuper$817.88
Core Pool$515.00
Intrust MySuper$633.00
IOOF MySuper$632.00
MySuper Balanced$622.60
LESF MySuper$645.00
LGIASuper MySuper Lifecycle$568.00
MySuper Age Based Investment Strategy$656.24
MySuper Balanced$453.00
Max Super Fund MySuper Plan$564.00
Balanced investment option (accumulation)$505.00
Aggressive -Angry Fund$619.00
My AutoSuper$443.00
NESS MySuper$536.55
Diversified (MySuper)$460.00
Accumulate Plus Balanced$412.65
Perpetual MySuper$565.00
Pitcher Retirement Plan MySuper$961.00
REST Super$452.60
SmartSave MySuper$561.63
Statewide MySuper$565.00
Sunsuper for Life$533.00
Tasplan MySuper$563.00
Telstra Super MySuper$593.00
Balanced (MySuper)$758.00
UniSuper Balanced$371.00
Growth (MySuper)$583.00
Virgin Money MySuper LifeStage Tracker$358.00
Vision MySuper$488.00
VISSF Balanced Option$562.00
My WA Super$512.80

To Compare Fees – Look for this table in a Superannuation Provider’s PDS.

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