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Administration Fee

An administration fee is one of the most common fee descriptions used in the superannuation industry, it’s usually advertised as a weekly fee because the number is so small and then charged monthly on your superannuation statement.  It just another example of trickery.  Why not advertise a monthly fee and charge a monthly fee – they would have to increase their weekly fee!  Does anyone have 52 weekly administration charges on their super statement?

Update:  Some superannuation providers are now charging a flat fee and or a percentage of capital managed.  Examples include UniSuper – “The lesser of $96 or 2% of your account balance per year.”  Also Aware Super – “you’ll pay $52 per year ($4.33 per month) plus an asset-based administration fee of 0.15% of your account balance each year (up to a maximum of $750).”  This style of pricing may help lower the total fees in the My Super $50,000 example required by law but then hit as your investment grows.


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